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Word Example of - drench

    Example Sentences for drench

    Dey had to drench me down wid sweet milk, and from dat day to dis I ain't never laked peaches.

    Mix and boil down to one quart; when cool give it as a drench.

    She had but one thought, to get nearer to the camp-fire, and drench her vision in the entrancing glow.

    Dole sunlight into his room by degrees; and when he can bear it, drench him with it.

    This powder is best given by dissolving the above-named quantity in a half pint of water and given as a drench.

    When I drench my insides with tea I sort of want it to take a hold.

    The sombre veils darkening the sun were torn aside, and Allah let loose beneficial showers to drench His faithful servants.

    He had not minded the sprinkling on his sides, but this gave him a drench in the face.

    Mix for drench; if repeated, it should be followed by a purgative, as soon as the spasms have subsided.

    The sunshine of February was extinguished by a drench of rain.

Word Origin & History of - drench

    Word Origin & History

    drench from O.E. drencan "cause to drink," caus. of drincan "to drink," from P.Gmc. *drankijan. In M.E., it meant "to drown;" sense of "to wet thoroughly by throwing liquid over" is from c.1550. Related: Drenched; drenching.

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