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Word Example of - dress

    Example Sentences for dress

    Thus a man who is noted for his dress is a "swell," a "dude," or a "sport."

    Careless how ill I with myself agree, Kind to my dress, my figure, not to me.

    As to the women of the peones, their dress is generally sombre-hued and modest.

    His dress of ceremony was black, with a tie-wig and a little sword.

    I'll pay it back to you a shilling a week out of my dress allowance.

    And then as she swooped by, he made a grab at her and tore her dress.

    The dress was brought forth from its envelope of white linen.

    He finished packing and, after assisting his master to dress, was dismissed for the night.

    We then saw three seamen, whom by their dress we took to be Hollanders.

    "Of course not," put in Mrs. Krill, ironically, with another look at his dress.

Word Origin & History of - dress

    Word Origin & History

    dress early 14c., "make straight," from O.Fr. dresser "put right, put straight," from V.L. *directiare, from L. directus "direct, straight." Sense of "decorate, adorn" is late 14c.; that of "put on clothing" late 14c. Original sense survives in military meaning "align columns of troops." Dress up "attire elaborately" is from 1670s; dressing down "wearing clothes less formal than expected" is from 1960. To dress (someone) down (1769) is ironical. To dress meat or other food (for cooking) is 14c. Dressing-gown first recorded 1777."One of those fine old dressy things, who thinks to conceal her age, everywhere exposing her person" [Goldsmith, 1768].Related: Dressed; dressing.

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