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Word Example of - drip

    Example Sentences for drip

    Nothing but that drip, drip of the rain, and that soft distant sighing of the sea.

    He stood there looking out; and all round him was the eternal drip, drip of the thaw.

    In running at any time in heavy water use oil, letting it drip from either bow.

    Then we could hear only the drip of raindrops leaking through the green roof.

    Light them always with a match, and do not hold them to the fire, as that will cause the tops to melt and drip.

    Suspend the bottle just above the basket and allow the water to drip.

    It was first made of tin; but later, of porcelain and silver—the original French drip pot.

    Do not overload me, or hitch me where water will drip on me.

    But only the soft slip of the fish through the chute and the drip of the water from the draining-table, disturbed the silence.

    There was no sound save that of the water—splash, splash, drip, drip.

Word Origin & History of - drip

    Word Origin & History

    drip c.1300, from M.Dan. drippe, from P.Gmc. *drup-, from PIE base *dhreub-. O.E. had related drypan "to let drop," dropian "fall in drops," and dreopan "to drop." Related: Dripped; dripping. The slang meaning "stupid, feeble, or dull person" is first recorded 1932.

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