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Word Example of - drive

    Example Sentences for drive

    The laboratory was on the Northern rim of the field, a ten-minute drive from the auditorium.

    But in finding him we had to clear the ground and drive in the pickets.

    Well, if you kill me you will have the chance, for he will drive.

    "Put him in the wagon, and we will drive home," said Captain Fishley.

    Hugh had never enjoyed the open air more than during this drive.

    Why not drive over yourself, this afternoon, to invite them?

    We must have someone we can not only rely upon, but who can drive.

    Some ore had to be roasted in a furnace in order to drive off the sulphur.

    The other two fellows were to drive all the horses back over the prairie.

    When he stops to rest at the four gaps you will drive him roughly along.

Word Origin & History of - drive

    Word Origin & History

    drive O.E. drifan (class I strong verb; past tense draf, pp. drifen), from P.Gmc. *dribanan (cf. O.N. drifa, Goth. dreiban), not found outside Germanic. Original sense of "pushing from behind," altered in Modern English by application to automobiles. Golfing sense of "forcible blow" is from 1836. Meaning "organized effort to raise money" is 1889, Amer.Eng. The noun, in the computing sense, first attested 1963. Related: Driving. Drive-in (adj.) first recorded 1930, of restaurants, banks, movies, etc. Drive-through first attested 1949, in an advertisement for the Beer Vault Drive-Thru in Ann Arbor, ...Michigan."The more you drive, the less intelligent you are." ["Repo Man"]