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Word Example of - drive-in

    Example Sentences for drive-in

    The guy at the drive-in made a positive identification; it's the one he sold Fleming.

    As soon as possible, however, a shop which is large enough to have a drive-in should be rented or built.

    On the drive-in, Adine stopped the car while Davy invoiced his available cash at sixty-five dollars.

    A drive-in is also convenient if a customer leaves his car while his battery is being repaired.

    And this drive-in grocery that I was talking about, if you remember thereā€”I think I had seen her there.

    As soon as growth of business permits, a shop should have a drive-in, so that the customer may bring his car off the street.

Word Origin & History of - drive-in

    Word Origin & History of drive-in

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