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Word Example of - droop

    Example Sentences for droop

    Stefan noticed it, and she braced herself by an effort, only to droop again.

    Marcia lets hers droop, and does this time manage a faint color.

    Some droop, others spread horizontally, while others still are more or less erect.

    The most beautiful flowers must soon fade and droop and die.

    The droop of the head and even her back showed this, as I, who rode a little behind and on side of her, could see.

    Then, as she saw Hilary move nearer to the door, her lip began to droop.

    But the sun's warm rays made it droop, and as it had no root, in a few days it was all dried up.

    Then Mukna's head began to droop and droop; and his trunk began to unwind.

    Permission was graciously accorded, and, depositing the phonograph, Droop hurried back to get his records.

    "Now don't you be a mite skeert," said Droop, with reassuring politeness.

Word Origin & History of - droop

    Word Origin & History

    droop c.1300, from O.N. drupa "to drop," from P.Gmc. *drup-, from PIE *dhreub, related to O.E. dropian "to drop." Related: Drooping.

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