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"drop-off Synonyms"

What is a better word for drop-off? What's another word for drop-off? What are 5 "drop-off synonyms"? How can I replace the word drop-off? What is the meaning of drop-off in English?

Word Example of - drop-off

    Example Sentences for drop

    Take my rede, sir, and let it drop, for you have come very well out from it.

    I made Bill drop me at the Hendersons' because I wanted to surprise you.

    Well, we'll drop the kings at present and go on with the cipher.

    Clif and his gallant band were compelled to drop back from tree to tree.

    You descend in an express elevator car; in that bucket you just drop.

    They drop this gravel into a big drum which is continually revolving.

    It has caused the sword to drop from the hand of the military leader.

    The workmen now tilt it and drop in whatever carbon is needed.

    That's about while I felt the ball through my arm, and my gun had to drop.

    When they become larger, they drop to the bottom of the grainer.

Word Origin & History of - drop-off

    Word Origin & History

    drop O.E. dropa, from P.Gmc. drupon, from PIE *dhreub-. Meaning "lozenge, hard candy" is 1723. The verb (O.E.) originally meant "fall in drops;" transitive sense "allow to fall" is mid-14c. Related: Dropped; dropping. Drop in the bucket (late 14c.) is from Isa. ix.15 [K.J.V.]. Exclamation drop dead is from 1934; as an adj. meaning "stunning, excellent" it is first recorded 1970. At the drop of a hat "suddenly" is from 1854; drop-in "casual visit" is 1819; drop-kick is 1857.