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Word Example of - drop-out

    Example Sentences for drop-out

    My drop-out would be made to look as if I had jumped the job, and Dunton would appoint a new man.

    From the drop-out from the twenty-five line Barry got the ball, and punted into touch.

    Any drop-out, as for the second semester, means either during or at the end of that semester.

    Yet he did get away; made his drop-out so neatly that none of the rushers got to the doors soon enough to catch a sight of him?

Word Origin & History of - drop-out

    Word Origin & History

    drop O.E. dropa, from P.Gmc. drupon, from PIE *dhreub-. Meaning "lozenge, hard candy" is 1723. The verb (O.E.) originally meant "fall in drops;" transitive sense "allow to fall" is mid-14c. Related: Dropped; dropping. Drop in the bucket (late 14c.) is from Isa. ix.15 [K.J.V.]. Exclamation drop dead is from 1934; as an adj. meaning "stunning, excellent" it is first recorded 1970. At the drop of a hat "suddenly" is from 1854; drop-in "casual visit" is 1819; drop-kick is 1857.

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