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The Synonym of - droplet (noun)

Word Example of - droplet

    Example Sentences for droplet

    That is, he found that by chipping, he could locate small bubbles up to an inch in diameter, each one with its droplet of water.

    Then I noticed that not a droplet or smidgin of the jelly remained in the pot.

    They consist of a minute droplet of protoplasm (mycroprotein) surrounded by a delicate cell membrane.

    Not a plate nor a girder, not a fragment, not the most minute particle nor droplet of disrupted metal nor of condensed vapor.

    They have managed to get one electron all by itself on a droplet of oil and they have seen how it made the oil behave.

    Put a droplet of this blood on a glass slide, cover with cover glass and examine with high power of the microscope.

    Under these conditions the pneumonic patient sprays plague bacilli into the air while coughing and droplet infection follows.

    The Red Ant (Formica rufa) is singularly adroit in seizing the droplet left it by the plant-louse.

    He inserted half a droplet of the supposed vaccine and plugged in the fractionator's power cable.

    Sparkling vapor, with perhaps here and there a droplet or two of material which had only been liquefied.

Word Origin & History of - droplet

    Word Origin & History

    droplet c.1600, from drop + dim. suffix -let.

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