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Word Example of - ducking

    Example Sentences for ducking

    No doubt the ducking was often roughly and cruelly carried out.

    She needs a ducking, if ever woman did, does that Bridget Fitzgerald.'

    Such characters were also taken to the ducking stool and thoroughly doused in the water.

    I did so, ducking under Force's arm and hastening to my chamber.

    The water was but a couple of feet deep at the place, so that there was nothing for them but a fright and a ducking.

    I pushed it open and stepped into the lock, ducking my head.

    They would work on the safe from four to six hours, and finally blow it open with a fine grade of ducking powder.

    Indeed, I am inclined to think he was much the better of his ducking.

    He never struck once, contenting himself with covering up, blocking and ducking and clinching to avoid punishment.

    Ducking promptly I heard the curtain-rings jar, and: 'Thick as ever.'

Word Origin & History of - ducking

    Word Origin & History of - ducking

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