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The Synonym of - dud (noun)

Word Example of - dud

    Example Sentences for dud

    Then came a dud which dropped neatly inside on the soft ground.

    Cut the whole lot,” said Dud, “just as soon as I can get money enough to do it.

    Dud and Zeph were by this time on Betterson's side of the fence, hurrying to head off Snowfoot.

    But to Dud this thrilling adventure left no pleasant memories.

    She talks of you incessantly, Dud, and only seems happy when I am answering her thousand and one questions about you.

    The motor boat Jim and Dud had hired for the season was stove in upon the rocks.

    "Gid's a shifty old cuss, and I ain't taking any chances," he explained aloud to Dud.

    "I'll walk on, Dud, and put this horse of yours in the barn," said Manton.

    So she shook hands heartily with Dud Stone and let him ride away, never appearing to notice his rather wistful look.

    Dud knew now that Blister had been a wise prophet in his generation.

Word Origin & History of - dud

    Word Origin & History

    dud c.1825, "person in ragged clothing," from duds (q.v.). Sense extended by 1897 to "counterfeit thing," and 1908 to "useless, inefficient person or thing." This led naturally in WWI to "shell which fails to explode," and thence to "expensive failure."

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