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"duly Synonyms"

What is a better word for duly? What's another word for duly? What are 5 "duly synonyms"? How can I replace the word duly? What is the meaning of duly in English?

Word Example of - duly

    Example Sentences for duly

    He was duly installed in his office on the sixteenth of September, 1626.

    I must finish my collar, or I shall not duly honour your sister in my first call.

    Had his warnings been duly heeded, a result far different from that which we shall have to record would have followed.

    The family had been duly prepared for this excursion by several smaller ones.

    She returns, however, is duly arrested, and the second "picture" shows her in prison.

    When they returned, the constitution was duly reported, and adopted article by article.

    I love to meditate on this sad scene, which, if duly considered, teaches the soundest wisdom.

    The invitations to the party had been mailed and duly accepted.

    He duly came from his quarters into the courtyard accompanied by his Lieutenant.

    The address was duly given, but apparently was afterwards mislaid.

Word Origin & History of - duly

    Word Origin & History

    duly late 14c., duweliche "rightly, properly," from dewe "due" (see due) + -liche "-ly."