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What is a better word for dummy? What's another word for dummy? What are 5 "dummy synonyms"? How can I replace the word dummy? What is the meaning of dummy in English?

Word Example of - dummy

    Example Sentences for dummy

    I was always clever at mental arithmetic, and it don't strike me that I shall be quite a dummy.

    She did not purpose to surrender her individuality; she would not become a dummy.

    The chances are Rock's in the clear with a 'dummy' or else his property is all under cover.

    And we bluffed about the Mines, real and dummy, for all we were worth!

    Up we rose; the wet air and spray spattered through the hatch; the destroyer swung off to retrieve the dummy.

    These dummy pistons are shown at the near end of the rotor in Fig. 35.

    They tried to teach Yevpraksia how to play whist with the dummy, but she could not understand the game.

    There was nothing about the dummy to be hurt, however; and it was impossible to sink her.

    Why, he stared at me as if I were a dummy instead of a lady.

    Hastily he removed the dummy magazine from the butt of his pistol.

Word Origin & History of - dummy

    Word Origin & History

    dummy 1598, "mute person," from dumb (q.v.). Extended by 1845 to "figure representing a person." Used in card games (originally whist) since 1736.