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Word Example of - dumps

    Example Sentences for dumps

    Dumps left the house at the commencement of the bustle, and walked home with a light step, and (for him) a cheerful heart.

    Can you deny what is in everybody's mouth, when a person is in the dumps?

    Had Linton's play been produced there, you would see him now all smiles instead of down in the dumps.

    I get in the dumps at times, and don't open my mouth for days on end.

    One must have a fit of the dumps sometimes; life is not all syrup of roses'—rather crossly for Roy.

    The poetry of despair and poets with the dumps he cannot away with.

    They say she was quite crazy some days for the death of the child; and she is not quite out of the dumps yet.

    At this point my attention was attracted by a sudden change in the behaviour of Dumps.

    Tom Murdock knew that he was in the dumps, and wisely left Winny to her father's escort.

    I smiled, but refused to move until the fate of Dumps was ascertained.

Word Origin & History of - dumps

    Word Origin & History

    dumps "low spirits," 1523, possibly from Du. domp "haze, mist," from M.Du. damp "vapor" (see damp).

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