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Word Example of - dunk

    Example Sentences for dunk

    "Dunk and Fly are coming along with one," responded the captain.

    A glimmering of the truth came to Dunk, and his eyes narrowed.

    Andy noticed, too, with more relief, that Dunk only took one glass.

    The boys, like Dunk, had simply made the mistake of taking too much for granted.

    Andy noticed that Dunk was slipping back into his old habits.

    "Say," answered the boy addressed as Dunk, grabbing the speaker by the arm.

    It was where a number of the students were seated, and Andy had a glimpse of Dunk Chamber.

    "And I guess we're here with our appetites to-day," put in Dunk.

    Dunk had just come into the room with his tea, and the tumbler of Dr. Dale's tonic stood untouched upon the night-table.

    "You can't beat that anywhere in the world," said Dunk, proudly.

Word Origin & History of - dunk

    Word Origin & History

    dunk 1919, from Pa. Dutch dunke "to dip," from M.H.G. dunken, from O.H.G. dunkon, thunkon "to soak," from PIE base *teng- "to soak" (see tincture). Basketball sense is first recorded 1937. German-American Anabaptist sect of Dunkers (who baptize with triple immersion) first recorded by that name 1756.

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