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Word Example of - dupe

    Example Sentences for dupe

    How it is that the British sportsman has become the dupe of certain men who set themselves up for reputable gunmakers I know not.

    Fearing to be duped, he became the dupe of his own philosophy.

    If we desire to continue friends let there be no more mistakes, of which it is impossible that I should be the dupe.

    This arrant rogue was only a petty knave that any one could dupe.

    He thought of her passing a sleepless night, waiting for news, the dupe and victim of every sound that might herald a messenger.

    "I will not be their dupe though," said Madame, and she took a decisive step.

    It consists in locating and exploiting the organ that one is a dupe with.

    But he was not thus to become the dupe of wicked and designing men.

    The dupe of such a shallow knave—trapped into marriage by such an uncle and by such a niece—he well deserves your pity.

    Like those who deceive, he was ever fearful of being himself the dupe.

Word Origin & History of - dupe

    Word Origin & History of dupe

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