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Word Example of - duplicate

    Example Sentences for duplicate

    The buyer receives the original, and the seller a duplicate.

    I will forward a duplicate of the above by this opportunity.

    In some instances a certain type of cutter will duplicate a certain pattern of marks.

    With him she tried to get on, as a duplicate of himself in petticoats and the realm of mind.

    Here he wrote and gave to two couriers a message in duplicate.

    Even so, and they must have crossed the express; but a duplicate was brought to them.

    Enemies, yes—with Universal—but none who could duplicate the complicated frequencies I use.

    Is there a duplicate copy of this separate Title at the end of the Preface?

    He bent over the duplicate instrument board as the roar of the motor died away.

    The duplicate had in other words bravely let Miss Wenham know exactly who she was.

Word Origin & History of - duplicate

    Word Origin & History

    duplicate early 15c., from L. duplicatus, pp. of duplicare "to double," from duo "two" + plicare "to fold" see ply (v.)). The noun is first recorded 1530s. The verb is attested from 1620s. Related: Duplicated; duplicating.

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