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Word Example of - during

    Example Sentences for during

    During this service, the most perilous action occurred in which he was ever engaged.

    There was a pause, during which the young educator's difficulties were brushed aside.

    Hugh had never enjoyed the open air more than during this drive.

    During his absence she thus repented, but no longer when he returned.

    During the struggle France was reduced to a mere shell of her former power.

    Governor Hungerford wrote to me, as he had promised to do, during the summer.

    During the Mexican war he had fought with credit under Scott.

    We shall hear the verdict in the morning, and during to-morrow.

    Nothing of importance occurred for the remainder of that day, nor during the next.

    During the week that followed, Pellams learned a few things.

Word Origin & History of - during

    Word Origin & History

    during late 14c., prp. of obsolete verb duren "to last, endure" (late 13c.), from O.Fr. durer, from L. durare "endure." During the day really is "while the day endures," and the usage is a transference into Eng. of a L. ablative absolute.

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