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Word Example of - dusk

    Example Sentences for dusk

    Dusk of that day had fallen before the word came to the deserted hotel.

    It was then about dusk, and the night was coming on rapidly.

    The time wore slowly on; the dusk became dimmer and dimmer, until it nearly bordered on total darkness.

    Forth from a rugged arch, in the dusk below,640 Came mother Cybele!

    Both our counsels made eloquent speeches, and just as dusk was falling, the Judge began his summing up.

    About dusk they were all marshaled in by classes, and we all helped distribute the presents.

    The dusk crept in and shadowed the room, obliterating their outlines and the expression of their faces.

    The next day, at dusk, she received a visit from Monsieur Lherueux, the draper.

    The freshness of the experience would be spoilt, I feared, by incomplete glimpses caught in the vagueness of the dusk.

    As they did not return at dusk I sent E'eu, the under-nurse, to search for them.

Word Origin & History of - dusk

    Word Origin & History

    dusk O.E. dox "dark-haired, dark from the absence of light" (cognate with Swed. duska "be misty," L. fuscus "dark," Skt. dhusarah "dust-colored"). Modern form is perhaps via a Northumbrian variant. A color word originally; the sense of "twilight" is recorded from 1622.