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Word Example of - duskiness

    Example Sentences for duskiness

    The young man dared now to look at her—a child of the sun despite her duskiness.

    But all the ways of the owl are ways of softness and duskiness.

    She clapped her hands for joy, and beckoning him to make haste, disappeared among the duskiness of the trees.

    Was it the duskiness of the evening, or passion, that made his face so dark?

    The young man stood still in the silent sitting-room, in a duskiness just punctuated by the small green glow of the desk-lamp.

    Her eyes, over which heavy lashes drooped diffidently, were bafflingly deep, as with rich colour drowned in duskiness.

    One ghastly vision flashed and faded and flashed upon the background of the duskiness.

    It flickered, and struggled with the duskiness, but could not half light up the gloomy cavern with all its melancholy glimmer.

    Phaeism: applied to a duskiness of butterflies occurring in a limited region.

    The girl went first: her white head-kerchief guided Petrea through the duskiness of the wood.

Word Origin & History of - duskiness

    Word Origin & History

    dusky 1550s, "somewhat dark," from dusk + -y (2).