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Word Example of - dusky

    Example Sentences for dusky

    It was nearly dark, but not quite, for the covered embers still sent out a dusky glow.

    The head and neck, in winter, are delicately pencilled with dusky lines.

    At length he perceived a dusky white form advancing in the distant dim obscurity.

    We had crossed a deep valley and were climbing a long hill in the dusky twilight.

    If she paled, the dusky stain in whose existence Virginia so tenaciously believed hid the sign of her emotion.

    And back into his memory flashed that scene with her by the stove in the dusky bar.

    No, I think not, thoughtfully Merle raises a dusky purple grape to her crimson lips.

    They had left the dusky darkness of the trees, and struck off across the lawn.

    Cecilio awaits his betrothed in the dusky burial-place, surrounded by the trophies of Roman heroes.

    His dusky face was wreathed in a proud, half disdainful smile.

Word Origin & History of - dusky

    Word Origin & History

    dusky 1550s, "somewhat dark," from dusk + -y (2).

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