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Word Example of - dust

    Example Sentences for dust

    Now, is it reasonable to believe that dust, however fine, will remain in the atmosphere at that elevation for over six months?

    Again, the blade descended, bringing a spurt of dust from his clothing.

    Titokowaru was safe in his bush retreat in the Ngatimaru Country, his last battle fought, his once godlike mana in the dust.

    It is the barrier against which all socialism breaks into dust.

    Now that their hearts have been dust all these hundreds of years, what good is it to them that they denied themselves love?

    If I hadn't knocked that door in, the furniture might still have been lying there in the dust.

    On 3rd October the enemy's big guns were placed in position, and the Serbian trenches were pounded to dust.

    And when he wakened up, his hounds were heaps of dust beside him.

    To show the hazing effects of dust it is not, however, necessary to use a dust counter.

    Soon smoke began to appear, then a few sparks were elicited, and then a gentle flame rose from the dust of the charred wood.

Word Origin & History of - dust

    Word Origin & History

    dust O.E. dust, from P.Gmc. *dunstaz, from PIE *dheu- with a sense of "smoke, vapor" (cf. Skt. dhu- "shake," L. fumus "smoke"). The verb means both "to sprinkle with dust" (1590s) and "to rid of dust" (1560s). Sense of "to kill" is U.S. slang first recorded 1938 (cf. bite the dust under bite).

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