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Word Example of - duty

    Example Sentences for duty

    He was many miles from his post of duty, and now his sole idea was to get back to it.

    He had done nothing but his duty and the law of nations would have justified him.

    In short, he was to be found at all points where duty called.

    You make this proposal to me from a sense of duty, and I cannot think of accepting it.

    If you have made such engagement, your first duty is to break it.

    “Let us do our duty fully this first morning,” said Margaret.

    What, then, is America's duty to the oppressed race or the small nation?

    Because he considers it his duty, which is commonly his reason for whatever he does.

    I could not refuse to save them from drowning: and He who set me my duty blessed the deed.

    So far from entreating him to remain with her, she had bidden him go where his duty led him.

Word Origin & History of - duty

    Word Origin & History

    duty c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. duete, from O.Fr. deu "due, owed," from V.L. *debutus, from L. debitus, pp. of debere "to owe." Related: Duties. The sense of "tax or fee in imports, exports, etc." is from late 15c.; duty-free as a noun is attested from 1958.

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