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Word Example of - dwindle

    Example Sentences for dwindle

    My optimism of the night before was dashed; this voracious growth wasnt going to dwindle away of itself.

    "Over all, ninety-six per cent for Mr. Smith," Dwindle said for the fourth time.

    Everywhere the tendency is for the superior stock to dwindle till it becomes a small aristocracy.

    "I hope we don't have to use pressure, sir," Dwindle replied.

    Questions become great or dwindle into nothingness according as they affect the honour and the good of the Empire.

    In the course of the year the incidents will grow or will dwindle strangely.

    Many men spend their lives in gazing at their own shadows, and so dwindle away into shadows thereof.

    Dwindle Daniels at the moment was meshed in the net of official business.

    Dwindle, sitting on his left, suddenly punched him vigorously in the ribs.

    One after another, the streams which fed it fail or dwindle.

Word Origin & History of - dwindle

    Word Origin & History

    dwindle 1590s, apparently dim. and freq. of M.E. dwinen "waste away, fade, vanish," from O.E. dwinan, from P.Gmc. *dwinanan (cf. Du. dwijnen "to vanish"). Related: Dwindled; dwindling.

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