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Word Example of - dwindling

    Example Sentences for dwindling

    He too had seen, with a blurred returning consciousness, the dwindling figures of Babs and Polter.

    The Scavenger was moving fast now, dwindling in the viewscreen.

    If this was the case, it would indeed be "a heavy blow and great discouragement" to the dwindling Alcine nation.

    Great distances here, in relation to the giant globe, were dwindling!

    Below him was a shrinking, dwindling landscape, wind-swept and desolate.

    Even the thunder had rolled away, dwindling to a deep mutter.

    That cause is, probably, a dwindling of the myth-making faculty.

    His great arms were unbelievably powerful, but I could feel them dwindling.

    With the downfall of the Mongolian (Yuan) dynasty , the dwindling opportunity of the Christian missions passed altogether.

    How was he to pay up the liabilities of his bank shares from his dwindling practice?

Word Origin & History of - dwindling

    Word Origin & History

    dwindle 1590s, apparently dim. and freq. of M.E. dwinen "waste away, fade, vanish," from O.E. dwinan, from P.Gmc. *dwinanan (cf. Du. dwijnen "to vanish"). Related: Dwindled; dwindling.

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