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Word Example of - dying

    Example Sentences for dying

    There wasn't enough to buy medicine for the girl, who was dying of consumption.

    May the devil reward you in hell for your obstinacy, and my dying agonies!

    For years he had filled her father's place, and now he was dying, leaving her forever!

    The gift is given, and yet for all that you may be dying, and half-dead, a pauper.

    Then,” said the dying man, in amazement, “what the hell did you come here for?

    They were silent and sad, for they could not but perceive that the dying hour was at hand.

    She's dying to sacrifice herself for twenty-five dollars a month.

    No sound fell upon the ear but the gentle breathing of the dying man.

    Fastening his eyes upon his son, as if he recognized him, the dying man looked his last farewell.

    We baptized some dying children, and two or three dying persons who manifested proper dispositions.

Word Origin & History of - dying

    Word Origin & History

    dying mid-15c., verbal noun from die.

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