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Word Example of - dynamic

    Example Sentences for dynamic

    But, functionally, the essential thing about this value is its dynamic character.

    Digital photography can be networked and endowed with dynamic qualities.

    Dynamic tensions between scale and the elements defining the underlying structure lead to changes in the pragmatic framework.

    The dynamic shock behind the words sent the man to his feet.

    This former distinction does recognize one factor which is sometimes classed as "dynamic," namely, "friction."

    It is from our dynamic Activity also that we derive our conception of Force.

    The weight that falls to the earth by attraction may be lifted by dynamic repulsion.

    Abstract terms are terms abstracted from this dynamic reference.

    As for his little mind, give it a rest, and let his dynamic self be alert.

    A dynamic focus tends ever to propagate the motion which is proper to it.

Word Origin & History of - dynamic

    Word Origin & History

    dynamic 1817, as a term in philosophy; 1827 in the sense "force producing motion," from Fr. dynamique (1762), from Ger. dynamisch, introduced by Leibnitz 1691 from Gk. dynamikos "powerful," from dynamis "power," from dynasthai "be able to have power," of unknown origin. The figurative sense of "active, potent, energetic" is from 1856. Related: Dynamically.

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