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The Synonym of - earliest (adjective)

Word Example of - earliest

    Example Sentences for earliest

    The earliest specimen of oratory is also one of the finest specimens.

    In the earliest grey of the morning, Mr Rowland took Margaret home.

    Michael Brady had stood for it from the earliest days of the settlement.

    From the earliest days there have been border counterfeiters of coin.

    "Report to me at my office at the earliest possible moment," he said.

    Trundle-beds or truckle-beds were used from the earliest days.

    His earliest biographer, Arthur Murphy, writing in 1762, is more explicit than usual on this topic.

    The name appears not in inventories after the earliest years.

    I do believe he had the impudence to say—to find an opportunity to do him this favour at the earliest possible moment.

    The earliest New Englanders had no religious services at a funeral.

Word Origin & History of - earliest

    Word Origin & History

    early O.E. ærlice, from ær "soon, ere" (from P.Gmc. *airiz, from PIE *ayer- "day, morning") + -lice "-ly," adverbial suffix (see -ly (2)). The early bird of the proverb is from 1670s. Related: Earlier; earliest.

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