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Word Example of - ease-off

    Example Sentences for ease

    Germain felt ill at ease in this company, and did not eat heartily.

    It is a spectre which “with dread of change perplexes” him who lives at ease.

    Racksole observed with satisfaction that Mr Hazell was entirely at his ease.

    Then, over a pipe, if the gentleman smoked, they might talk at their ease.

    Besides, he felt so much more at leisure and at ease than on the former occasion.

    But knowing this, it will not do to give way to ease, unchecked by courtesy.

    As for that, be at your ease; your horse will be as well taken care of as if it belonged to me.

    The Master said, A knight that is fond of ease does not amount to a knight.

    It is a chapel of ease in the improving parish of St. Clement.

    It is not surprising that they should have been charmed with the ease, abundance, and freedom of life in the wigwam.

Word Origin & History of - ease-off

    Word Origin & History of - ease-off

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