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    Example Sentences for easy

    "But it couldn't have been just as easy as that," Dorcas insisted.

    See the great blessing of an easy faith; opinion cannot err.

    To make a pattern of this kind is not such an easy matter as it looks.

    Why part should be Latin, and part English, it is not easy to discover.

    Nat found Mrs. Parloe sitting in an easy chair by a front window.

    Priscilla will never let you have an easy day, while she fancies she can separate us.

    It was no easy matter to transfer the cargo from the submerged boat.

    That I do not doubt,” said Alfred; “but he will not find it quite so easy a matter.

    The trees generally ringed, an easy way of clearing the wood.

    His sensations when he read the letter are not easy to describe.

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    Word Origin & History of easy

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