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Word Example of - ebon

    Example Sentences for ebon

    His three remaining teeth were ebon from excessive betel-chewing.

    The ebon cloud was breaking, but torrents of rain continued to descend.

    McGuire was still sitting there, a bright blue needle that reflected the distant sun as it moved across the ebon sky.

    The black thread crept like an ebon stain into the woof of the carpet.

    Her oval cheeks grew hollow, her complexion faded to a sickly sallow, her ebon hair whitened, and deep lines came in the wan face.

    An expression of displeasure passed over the ebon countenance.

    Dark as it had been without, it was light compared to the ebon blackness within.

    Be they ebon or blond, Of the gals I am fond; I am dreadfully fond of the gals!

    There was the tawny, but intelligent Mandingo, and by his side the Jolof of ebon hue.

    She tossed her ebon tresses over her; she fixed her ebon eyes on him.

Word Origin & History of - ebon

    Word Origin & History

    ebon "ebony wood, ebony tree," mid-15c.; see ebony. Figurative sense of "dark, black" is from 1590s; in some cases a poetic shortening of ebony.

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