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The Synonym of - ebony (noun)

Word Example of - ebony

    Example Sentences for ebony

    On this table could be seen an ebony box handsomely carved, with a coat of arms on its lid.

    My Nig, as black as ebony, knows well the taste of his flesh.

    Below him was the sea—black and crisp, motionless as though carved in ebony.

    The throne-room was lined with ebony, carved in a marvellous way.

    Jack appeared like a man of ebony pictured against the dark sky.

    Ebony had forgotten that an ox “end on” and head up is tall and not long!

    The bergs were of an ugly blue, and the sea ran in gloomy lines of ebony.

    Ebony sat down, put his face on his knees, and fairly burst into tears.

    He was aware that it stood on the far side of the great, ebony bed, waiting, and the young man's heart stood still.

    Ebony received this remark with a groan, and Hockins with something like a growl.

Word Origin & History of - ebony

    Word Origin & History

    ebony 1590s, from hebenyf (late 14c.), M.E. misreading L. hebenius "of ebony," from Gk. ebenios, from ebenos "ebony," probably from Egyptian hbnj or another Sem. source. Figurative use to suggest intense blackness is from 1620s.

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