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Word Example of - eclipse

    Example Sentences for eclipse

    I have seen more than one person whose eyes were permanently injured by gazing at the sun, during an eclipse or otherwise.

    The telescopes were landed, and on December 30 an eclipse of the sun was observed.

    And was the eclipse, the shadow of death, beginning to pass away from his face?

    The years which followed the passing of these greatnesses were the years of decadence and eclipse.

    In your verse he will have sight of sky, and sea, and cloud, the gold of dawn and the gloom of earthquake and eclipse.

    Seetzen, therefore, had much to achieve to eclipse the fame of his predecessor.

    Hind found that the central line of the eclipse passed about 20 miles N. of London, and that the totality lasted 1m.

    He had Eclipse's heritage, but he was more than a racing machine.

    On what day in August this eclipse took place, the day of the week, commencement of the eclipse, &c.

    Why doubt, then, that the sea can breed a snake to eclipse the boa-constrictor?

Word Origin & History of - eclipse

    Word Origin & History

    eclipse late 13c., from O.Fr. eclipse, from L. eclipsis, from Gk. ekleipsis "a leaving out, forsaking, an eclipse," from ekleipein "to forsake a usual place, fail to appear, be eclipsed," from ek "out" + leipein "to leave" (cognate with L. linquere; see relinquish). The verb is late 14c. (intrans., a sense now obsolete), late 15c. (trans.); figurative use is from 1580s. Related: Eclipsed; eclipsing.