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Word Example of - economical

    Example Sentences for economical

    Your appearance, too, shows that you have been industrious and economical, all of which pleases me very much.

    The commander had an answer for that, too, and it was as simple as it was economical.

    But Mr. Beerbohm deserves more than any artist of our time the epithet "economical."

    Surely fowls would be economical, but I am sure I can't say.

    You see by the rich hem of his robe that the asserter of this economical first principle is a man well to do in the world.

    It is truly said of Germans that they are the most frugal and economical of all people.

    At the same time villa is an architectural term; fundus, an economical term; prdium, a juridical term.

    Evidently the passenger was of an economical as well as of a secretive disposition.

    Moral, social, political, and economical considerations clashed and antagonized in the gigantic conflict.

    I am glad you thought of that; but will you please promise not to be economical about the cable?

Word Origin & History of - economical

    Word Origin & History

    economical 1570s, "pertaining to household management; from economic + -al. Meaning "pertaining to political economy" is from 1781; that of "thrifty" is from 1780. Related: Economically.

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