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Word Example of - economy

    Example Sentences for economy

    Many of the machines are made in Pittsburgh; most of them, however, at Economy.

    With regard to his economy, nothing can be added to the relation of his life.

    A study of its structure, development, bionomics, and economy.

    The economy and advantage of sex differentiation are primarily physical.

    You will not wait for poverty to teach you economy, but will learn economy to ward off poverty.

    Instead of being an extravagance, might not this union of two beings be an economy?

    Butchers generally, with an eye to economy, make sausage-meat of bad or tainted pork.

    But do you suppose I am willing to expend what has been saved through your economy?

    It is the very poorest kind of economy to feed shrunken, musty, or damaged grain of any kind.

    I have also explained to you what Socialism is when considered as a system of economy.

Word Origin & History of - economy

    Word Origin & History

    economy c.1530, "household management," from L. oeconomia, from Gk. oikonomia "household management," from oikonomos "manager, steward," from oikos "house" (cognate with L. vicus "district," vicinus "near;" O.E. wic "dwelling, village;" see villa) + nomos "managing," from nemein "manage" (see numismatics). The sense of "wealth and resources of a country" (short for political economy) is from 1650s.

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