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Word Example of - edict

    Example Sentences for edict

    This Timotheus had moved Basiliscus to the strong act of despotically overriding the faith by issuing an edict upon doctrine.

    In 1800 an edict of the emperor prohibited the importation of opium into his dominions.

    The language of the Edict about them is not precise and in fact their despatch is only an inference from it.

    The edict of revocation was enforced with the utmost severity.

    An Edict of 1683 restricted the number of such pupils allowed to French pastors to two.

    It was left to our admiral to alter this edict, and to break through their prejudices.

    They were indeed banished out of Italy by an edict; but it was for a misdemeanor committed by some villains of that nation.

    Old King Ferdinand yielded and signed an edict to that effect.

    An edict against Luther had been drafted (15th of February) which the diet refused to sanction.

    "Such an edict was passed because Athens is not a republic," replied Philæmon.

Word Origin & History of - edict

    Word Origin & History

    edict c.1300, "proclamation having the force of law," from L. edictum, neut. pp. of edicere "publish, proclaim," from e- "out" + dicere "to say" (see diction).

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