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Word Example of - editor

    Example Sentences for editor

    The office of the editor was in Washington street, where Propeller now keeps.

    And that is all that the editor of the 'Times-Democrat' would have got out of it.

    Nevertheless, the Editor and Quartermaster had half-risen from their seats.

    All the editor's work is indicated by its enclosure in brackets.

    The editor's eye glanced at the second right-hand drawer of his desk.

    The name chosen for this newspaper was the Expositor, and Emmons was its editor.

    The people had heard of his fame as an editor of half-forgotten Roman authors.

    Their admiration of the editor was unbounded and undisguised.

    Perhaps the editor is waiting for his second edition before he answers that one.

    The Chief, owner of the paper and its editor, was the major's friend.

Word Origin & History of - editor

    Word Origin & History

    editor 1640s, "publisher," from L. editus, from edere (see edition). By 1712 in sense of "person who prepares written matter for publication;" specific sense in newspapers is from 1803.

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