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Word Example of - effective

    Example Sentences for effective

    His approach to Melcher had been dramatic, terrifying, effective.

    As in the case of Bucket, the effective armor of Cuff is flattery.

    Moreover, corruption by bribes is not always the most effective kind.

    But his addresses are turgid, labouring, and not effective for their purpose.

    What method of remembering do you find most effective in your own case?

    In this way an effective corral for the animals was provided within.

    The effective centres of colored unrest are the brown and yellow worlds of Asia.

    They are in the field and we should help them in every way to be effective there.

    These were the two features which in my experience proved most effective in reclaiming the offenders.

    It was so effective that M'bisibi, an old man, became most energetically active.

Word Origin & History of - effective

    Word Origin & History

    effective late 14c., from Fr. effectif, from L. effectivus (see effect). Related: Effectively; effectivity.

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