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What is a better word for effectual? What's another word for effectual? What are 5 "effectual synonyms"? How can I replace the word effectual? What is the meaning of effectual in English?

Word Example of - effectual

    Example Sentences for effectual

    We do not mean to say that there are no practical difficulties in the way of the effectual working of this scheme.

    No effectual resistance was made, and Pyrrhus was crowned king.

    Of course the expedition was to be sent out at night, for the cover of the darkness was necessary to render it effectual.

    The calling of God is one of mighty efficacy, an effectual calling.

    Here is a second negative on the choice of the king: a negative as effectual, at least, as the other of the Assembly.

    The change, to be tolerable, would have to be effectual and thorough.

    These are undoubtedly the most effectual remedies for incontinence in ecclesiastics and servants of God.

    This must put an effectual end to it; what resources are then left to us?

    The only schoolmaster for other Powers was finance, and he thought at no distant date it might begin to be effectual.

    This terrible threat seemed to be nearly as effectual as the mop.

Word Origin & History of - effectual

    Word Origin & History

    effectual late 14c., O.Fr. effectuel, from L.L. effectualis, from effectus (see effect). Related: Effectually.