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Word Example of - efficacious

    Example Sentences for efficacious

    We are here in an out-of-the-way place, far from any speedy and efficacious support.

    And when I say learn, I mean learn in the least official and the most efficacious way.

    No other means of agitation or percolation is so efficacious or economical.'

    The positions illustrated here have been found most efficacious.

    Allay it while there is yet time; correct the evil by efficacious remedies, by attacking it not in its symptoms but in itself.

    At any rate, these tidings of his discontent could not be efficacious in inducing her to seek him.

    Coffee and green tea will be found the most efficacious antidotes, when no sickness prevails.

    It is only efficacious when the deafness is produced by cold.

    Caution is at least as efficacious a protection against him as courage.

    Man himself has known this to be an efficacious stratagem on many occasions.

Word Origin & History of - efficacious

    Word Origin & History

    efficacious 1520s, from L. efficaci- (see efficacy) + -ous. Related: Efficaciously.

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