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Word Example of - efficiently

    Example Sentences for efficiently

    The stable, disciplined majorities without which it can never be efficiently conducted would be at an end.

    Hawkes worked quietly, efficiently, and lost the first four rounds.

    When crops are in drills they can be efficiently thinned, weeded and hoed—in other words, they can be cultivated.

    It is also well known that it will efficiently purify water.

    If his work is not efficiently done, the entire production is greatly impeded.

    Rather mincingly, of course; but still, on the whole, efficiently.

    Wound infection may take place from catgut which has not been efficiently prepared.

    Madison rapped on my office door and breezed in efficiently.

    The popular interest can only be efficiently expressed in a national policy and organization.

    She aided most efficiently in collecting the materials and arranging the matter.

Word Origin & History of - efficiently

    Word Origin & History

    efficient late 14c., "making," from L. efficientem (nom. efficiens), prp. of efficere "work out, accomplish" (see effect). Meaning "productive, skilled" is from 1787. Related: Efficiently

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