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Word Example of - effrontery

    Example Sentences for effrontery

    Virginia was struck dumb by the other's effrontery, almost frightened by it.

    A piece of coolness and effrontery that so surprised me I remained quite dumb.

    All the inmates of Cajetan's palace inveighed against the pride, obstinacy, and effrontery of this heretic.

    I could not but reflect how shocked our King would be to learn of this effrontery.

    Walter calls it a piece of American effrontery, but I call it quickwitted, don't you?

    He stumbled away to wash his hands, utterly crushed by her effrontery.

    This piece of effrontery is about on a par with the average argument of this class of pleaders.

    He stared at me a moment, as if my effrontery astonished him.

    I perceive that the supreme quality in the human soul is effrontery.

    The hunting of the one is carried on with self-restraint, of the others with effrontery.

Word Origin & History of - effrontery

    Word Origin & History

    effrontery 1715, from Fr. effronterie, from effronte "shameless," from O.Fr. esfronte, probably from L.L. effrontem (nom. effrons) "barefaced," from L. ex- "out" + frontem (nom. frons) "brow" (see front). L. frontus had a sense of "ability to blush," but the lit. sense of effrontery has usually been taken to be "putting forth the forehead."

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