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Word Example of - egg

    Example Sentences for egg

    Dip the slices first into the egg, then into the pan of bread-crumbs.

    "Nothing unusual," replied the colonel, shelling a plover's egg.

    Included in the list are such biological products as urea, salicylic acid, starch, glue and egg shells.

    Do not let the soup boil after the egg is added or it will curdle.

    The White of an Egg contains so much phlegm, that it seems to consist almost totally thereof.

    When taken off the fire add the yolk of the egg, stir and serve.

    Heat the milk, stir in the cocoa, and cool a little before pouring over the egg and sugar.

    Put the vase in the oven and when the egg is coagulated, serve hot.

    The Germans perhaps made glazes with white of egg before oil was used as a vehicle.

    Dip the pigeon in the butter and egg and keep it until it absorbs them.

Word Origin & History of - egg

    Word Origin & History of egg

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