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Word Example of - egress

    Example Sentences for egress

    A push upon a great boulder hard by—it fell upon the cavity with a crash, and all hope of egress was barred.

    Here a heavy door barred the egress from the house, and before this she stopped.

    But for the firearms which Rogers carried, I suspect our egress would have been disputed.

    Peter's attempt to effect an egress was as unsuccessful as that of the priest.

    So far as Renwick could see, the ruined part of Schloss Szolnok was isolated, with no mode of egress from the habitable part.

    It had been broken off, and this means of egress was unavailable.

    It being in a summer month, the doors were all open, and her egress from the house was attended with no obstruction.

    The waters of the great deep have ingress and egress to the soul.

    He was placed in a small compartment known as the ship brig, and a securely locked door barred his egress.

    There were for a few days much hurry and bustle, both of egress and of ingress.

Word Origin & History of - egress

    Word Origin & History

    egress 1538, from L. egressus, from egredi "go out," from ex- "out" + -gredi, comb. form of gradi "step, go."

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