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Word Example of - eject

    Example Sentences for eject

    The whole lining membrane of that much-abused organ rebels against such an Intruder, and tries to eject him.

    The door was opened by the man who had helped to eject Spicer.

    If an intoxicated or unruly person appears on the cars, the conductress does not attempt personally to eject him.

    Theirs is a fool's paradise from which I could eject them at any moment; but I will not—not just yet.

    Nature seems to give it the power to lift up the spore-bearing body, the better to eject its spores to the wind.

    It derives its name from an odor which it is able to eject, which smells not unlike that of the fox.

    The kidneys strain out urea, uric acid, and certain other poisons from the blood and eject them through the urinary tract.

    Do you intend to take yourselves off peaceably, or must we eject you?

    Most members of the bug order can eject a disagreeable liquid, though few of them do it so successfully as the stink bug.

    When does the Senior Warden propose to eject his rector, if I may be allowed to ask?

Word Origin & History of - eject

    Word Origin & History

    eject 1550s, from L. ejectus, pp. of ejicere, eicere "throw out," from ex- "out" + -icere, comb. form of jacere "to throw."

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