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Word Example of - elaborating

    Example Sentences for elaborating

    Neither cared further for elaborating giddy curves on that town-hall floor.

    We are elaborating the theory of the Japanese people, and we can't agree.

    Some organisms possess powers of elaborating certain materials of which others are quick to avail themselves.

    I made the work a great deal easier by elaborating on Lop-Ear's idea.

    Mistral spent seven years in elaborating his second epic, as he did in writing his first.

    Suetonius said that nature in her parturitions was elaborating a king.

    She has a peculiar genius for organization, not only in elaborating minute detail, but in the grasp of a coherent whole.

    In the house also she was ever elaborating, sybaritising her life.

    She sat for two months, alone in Watson's Hotel, elaborating this decision, and the picture was a pretty one.

    "We know it by 'art," said the little man, elaborating the point.

Word Origin & History of - elaborating

    Word Origin & History

    elaborate 1590s, "produced by labor," from L. elaboratus, pp. of elaborare (see elaboration). Meaning "very detailed" is from 1620s.

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