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The Synonym of - elder (noun)

Word Example of - elder

    Example Sentences for elder

    Here had lived an elder race, to which we look back with disquietude.

    "You look well enough as you be," replied the elder Boomsby.

    There was something lordly in my elder brother, and his fellows were ever subject to his will.

    The elder one, if he is married, and if he is polite to her, becomes her best friend.

    The elder Laelius was prominent both as general and as statesman.

    Elder produced the memorandum, and they at once recognized it as their own.

    The elder clergy were ordered to return to their birthplaces, which they could not leave without permission from the authorities.

    Elder asked them if they knew their man and were sure it was all right.

    All his fine qualities came out when as an elder he met churlish Ben Jonson.

    The younger members outdid the elder in manifesting their belief.

Word Origin & History of - elder

    Word Origin & History

    elder O.E. ellæn, ellærn "elderberry tree," origin unknown, perhaps related to alder.

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