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Word Example of - elect

    Example Sentences for elect

    The Guardians over at Dirkham meet to-morrow to elect their medical officer.

    Surely, he was one of God's elect; not in any sense a creature of circumstance, or accident.

    So she told the Vicar, who smiled, and said, ‘We must elect you.’

    All that it did was to elect three representatives to the Philadelphia congress.

    Now what can God's elect have to keep on crying for, night and day, but righteousness?

    We "elect" executive officers who execute nothing but their own wishes.

    We can elect these others later: Winifred Hastings leaves the college next week.

    A meeting was called in Beaufort to elect delegates to the Baltimore convention.

    The grand and noble qualities of the music in "Don Juan" will appeal only to the small minority of the elect.

    Yet, when I try to know whether I am one of the elect, all is dark.

Word Origin & History of - elect

    Word Origin & History

    elect late 15c., from L. electus, pp. of eligere (see election). Related: Elected; electing.

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