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Word Example of - electricity

    Example Sentences for electricity

    The electricity set free the capstone which settled into its place.

    The twentieth century promises to be the Age of Electricity, and electricity must have copper.

    Clerk Maxwell has given us, in his greatest work, his conception of the two kinds of energy due to electricity and magnetism.

    He showed us how electricity could be changed into heat, and the heat into work.

    Steam had been invented before, but it was increased in its uses, and electricity was made the tool of man.

    Heat, a mode of motion; Light, a mode of motion; and Electricity, a mode of motion.

    The best thing he can do is to learn what electricity can do, and how it can be used.

    Electro-kinetic energy is the energy due to electricity in motion.

    We must bear in mind that electricity is never a source of power, but is only the agent that carries power to the user.

    Is there anything about electricity that can suggest the hypothesis that electricity is atomic?

Word Origin & History of - electricity

    Word Origin & History

    electricity 1640s (Browne), from electric + -ity.