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Word Example of - electrocution

    Example Sentences for electrocution

    A strait-jacket, indeed, is not a camisole, just as electrocution is not hanging.

    "I'm not planning to end my days by electrocution," smiled Bob.

    Electrocution can occur from either low voltage (household type) or high voltage currents.

    One minister was present when experiments in "electrocution" took place in the United States.

    But there won't be any electrocution, Allen; no, there cannot be.

    He was tried speedily, sentenced to electrocution, and executed October 28.

    In my innocence I did my best to carry out his instructions, with the result that I suffered a mild sort of electrocution.

    There are three men sentenced to electrocution in September and October.

    "But the electrocution was not to be until morning," she said.

Word Origin & History of - electrocution

    Word Origin & History

    electrocute "execute by electricity," 1889, Amer.Eng., from electro- (see electric) + (exe)cute; sense involving accidental death is first recorded 1909. Electric chair is also first recorded 1889, which is when the first one was introduced in New York state as a humane alternative to hanging. Related: Electrocuted; electrocution.

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